Sarah J: How I Work

My Resume

All of my work experience is detailed on LinkedIn.
Recent work experience can also be viewed here as a pdf.

My Location


2017 -

Currently relocating to Shanghai for my spouse's job and adventure! I am looking forward to exploring and learning as much as I can.


2005 - 2017

Since childhood I was drawn to Philadelphia and dreamt of living in the historic neighborhood of Old City near the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. I have many great things to say about Philadelphia and only a few not-so-good things.


2002 - 2004

Fed up with New York City, I chose Iowa for college, specifically Grinnell, in a town of 9,000 people. I enjoyed the change but wanted to get out of the classroom and left early.

New York

1980s - 2002

Raised in NYC, I aspired to embody the stereotype of a cynical, sarcastic, jaded New Yorker. At some point I realized it's not fun to be negative all the time so I left The City and its stereotype behind.